The Keynsham Masonic Hall Company Limited Covid-19 Policy has been produced in accordance with the conclusions gained from a KMH Covid-19 Risk Assessment, Her Majesty’s Government guidance and advice from the United Grand Lodge of England.

Keynsham Masonic Hall directors have concluded that no masonic meetings will take place until July 1s 2021 pending the outcome of Covid-19. Until then the Committee Room shall be available to facilitate lodge business meetings in order for lodges to ‘clear the books’ for administration and reporting to PGL and UGLE.

General Compliance

  • Government Social distancing rules to be applied and maintained throughout the building.
  • The use of sanitizing stations in all areas as directed is compulsory.
  • Members etc. must comply with all signage displayed.
  • All members etc. must comply with one-way systems and directions from appointed persons.
  • Users or those in charge must be fully conversant with the following rules of general compliance and must allow for the extra time needed for compliance.
  • The number of Members etc. using the Hall must be capped by organisers to comply with Government Social Distancing rules.

We have produced two documents which users of KMH must comply with;

Guidance for Non-Masonic Users of the Hall

Covid Attendance Register view here

Guidance for Masonic Users of the Hall